Fingerprints & Our Brain

Relation Between Fingerprints & our Brain

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Dermatoglyphy Based On Scientific Facts

Finger Print Uniqueness: Finger Prints are unique & unalterable and no two different people can have identical fingerprints across the globe. One’s 10 fingers are also not the same. dermatoglyphics style, striae height, density, quantity and location of the point is not the same for everyone. No individual has ever displayed the same fingerprint from another digit even if taken from the same hand.

Finger Print In-variance: Finger Prints never change in lifetime. It is a raised pattern network of lifetime from birth to death. It will not change even if it is due to accident or regeneration of the labor dermatoglyphics style, quantity and profile shape which is determined the same later.

DNA Hereditary Concept: DNA Genetic Concept: Bestow to science stats, actual family members will be more or less the same between the striae. Normal human cells have 23 couple of chromosomes. If the heredity of the tree or design are changed, it will cause the corresponding striae mutation. Therefore, the striae have congenital the variation.

When the blastula is in the mother’s interior, the life field of the blastula’ brain is developed. From 0-3 years mature, the affecting field develops speedily. Between 4-8 years mature, the thought action/field is developed. Whereas, between 9-16 years mature the spiritual/psychic part gently matures. Hence, after 17 years, “I Need” and “I don’t Need” becomes the brain’s cable copy of action.........

In other words; Our Human Brain is like a computer system, 0-3 is equivalent to the hardware installation phase, 4-8-year-old is equivalent to the software installation phase, and above 9 years old is equivalent to the successful operational phase, namely practice using the new computer lifelong. Any Advantage or Virus in the software will be for lifelong with its result.